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About Us

hcanss is a "leather fashion" brand of which focused on leather jackets in the very beginning. Then leather bags had added to the collection which enriches the brand. After a short while leather belts and leather accessorises gone onto the stage . Gloves are the youngest member of the hcanss collection. 
As hcanss we;
-do aspire the unconditional trust and loyalty of our customers to the hcanns leather brand products,
-feel we did it! when our customers’ recommend hcanss products  to the third persons, 
-do make our customers meet hcanns leather brand products produced in many countries providing the same level of standart and quality,
-do not offer any product that our family members, children or ourselves would not wear,
-do not ever use any raw material, additional articles or accessories under the quality of the world-renowned fashion brands,
-do care nature, well-being, health, future generations and sustainability, 
-do not ever use wildlife and endangered animals, or the skin and fur of the prey animals. 



  : Jansdam 2A, 3512HB, Utrecht / The Netherlands
: (+31) (0) 85 773 7703
: (+31) (0) 6 8230 05 22


  : C.A.S.T. Buizerdlaan 6, 3435SB, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands
: (+31) (30) 763 33 46
: (+31) (0) 6 8230 05 22

KvK       : 71449671

FISCAL : 858719885.B01

IBAN     : NL15 INGB 0008 3823 93 


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